10/23 Welcome; We’re Ready to Launch

Welcome to the WTF Cycle Tour blog. The six of us altogether are poised for the tour. The members of the team, in case you’ve lost count or, more likely, would like to contact, are:

John Coldewey (jcjc@uw.edu); Rich Huie (huierich@gmail.com); Steve Jones (kjones1435@comcast.net); Van Schilling (vanschilling@msn.com); Charlie Griffes (charlie@ctengineering.com); Richard Wolf (richardjaywolf@gmail.com)

Feel free to email any of us, and you can make comments on the blogs here as well; see the button on the WTF site and follow instructions. Also, although I tried to include as many people as were suggested by our group, I’m sure there are some interested people who were not notified or subscribed. Feel free to give them this web address and they can sign up simply by pushing the button on the main page. Many thanks, by the way, to my son Christopher Coldewey, who put this site together and is watching over it. You’ll see his name on the main site too, and he can be contacted with any technical queries.

Meantime, Richard Wolf set off yesterday, so he will already be in Taipei, sitting on his balcony and flicking the ashes of his big cigar over the side of the parapet. After boxing up our bikes the rest of us will leave later tonight (well, tomorrow) at 2:00am, and so far, spirits are high. We arrive around 6:00am Friday morning Taipei time, where we’ll be met by our guide, Stephen Chen, who will whisk us off to our hotel and then on a trip an aboriginal village. Tea, good food, and eye popping sights are promised, which we will of course share with you. Except for the tea and food.

So the buzz of Asia awaits us, and spinning wheels around the Island for two weeks. A Chinese American friend said to me when he found out that it was my first trip to The East: “you’ll love it; it’s such a rush!” Bring it!

More later, with pix. I promise.

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